Norse softball team uses Ubersense app

Troy Bendgen, Staff Writer

Technology advances are happening all over campus from the new health innovation center plans to the updating of Norse Tech bar, and now within the athletics department. This season, the softball team has found a new app that helps out during practice sessions.

An idea stemming from assistant softball coach Michelle Caouette, or as most of the team calls her coach C, introduced the app called Ubersense to the athletes to try and improve their skills.

Caouette is a newer face around campus, as she is only in her second season with the softball team, but she is already making great strides to get more people involved and one way is through this new app.

She said she first heard about the app from an athlete who is being recruited for the 2015 season, and then she saw the potential and its features.

In the app, the user can slow down the footage as much as they need, in order to critique any problem that may arise. It also allows them to compare swinging and pitching motions to semi-pro players who are doing the right movements.

The program allows the coaches to write comments in the video and put marks and circles to directly pinpoint the problem areas.

“It’s definitely a good teaching tool for athletes in this age,” Caouette said. “It’s a lot about instant feedback. I feel like they need it to move on and progress in their skill and I think that this is a really good way to do that.”

According to Caouette, using the app is so easy and quick that the coaches can alter the video during practice and the athletes can access it as soon as they leave.

The app is making it easier for many sports and has made a personal impact on some players.

Senior first baseman Natalie Papi feels Ubersense has really helped improve her game since the team started using it.

“It’s one thing to hear what you are doing wrong from your coaches and teammates,” Papi said. “But to actually see it on video and slow it down to see every little mechanical thing, it helps a lot.”

Papi also said that she wishes the team had used the app the other three years of her college softball career.

It hasn’t been that long since Caouette played college softball and she is amazed at how fast technology has changed, and wishes it was around when she played.

“Before, when I played at UCONN, we used to have USB’s,” Caouette said. “We would take video with our old camera, plug it into the computer, sift through and cut the video that we wanted.”

Head coach Kathy Stewart thinks the app has already been a success for the team as far as learning is concerned.

“For the kids to see it and then hear what we are saying they are doing wrong, I think that’s helping them,” Stewart said.

For now the team will stick with Ubersense, but Caouette said she will continue to keep her eyes open for the next helpful tool.