Women’s club basketball in rebuilding phase

Interested in joining a team that shares similar interests as you? If you’re looking for a way to be involved and develop a new connection with other people, the women’s basketball club is looking for new players for next year’s season.

The Northern Kentucky University women’s basketball club team has been a club for five years after being started in 2007 by former President Heather Bellew. The club is currently led by shooting guard and President Nicole Lauterbach.

Lauterbach said the club sport competes at a more competitive level, traveling to other universities to play against the other schools’ club teams, separating them from the intramural teams who compete against each other on campus. They have traveled to play against Ohio University, Miami University Oxford and Ohio State University.

“Many people think it’s an intramural level team,” said vice president and point guard Taylor Steckman. “It’s actually a level above the intramural and level below the NKU collegiate girls’ basketball team.”

The team currently has six players playing because of other teammates’ class schedules. During the semester, they have strived to win games while developing a bond with each other, according to Steckman.

The women’s basketball club teaches more than basketball fundamentals. It’s also a learning experience for some players of the team. Twice every semester, the assistant director holds a meeting with the president of the team to discuss facility use, money and training on how to run a club.

The president and vice president are responsible for notifying directors about new events to get more people to recognize the team and be able to join.

Not many people are familiar with the club, according to Steckman. The players have attended events to promote the club both inside and outside the recreation gym including Fresh Fusion; informing students on the reasons why they should join and why it is important for the team.

Jill Wood, assistant director for recreational sport clubs, sent a survey to students who participated in active club teams to find out why people join these organizations.

Wood said it gives students social involvement and is important for a student’s social life in college, giving them a chance to communicate with others.

“Students have the opportunity to play the sport they love and be part of a team,” Wood said. “Meeting new friends and being able to interact with people of the same interests is good because they don’t have that connection at other universities.”

The women of the club have shown that they are dedicated to the sport and willing to put time into practice and games.

“We work hard and play hard,” said point guard Ebony Inskeep. “The season is almost over and we would like [to find] some other people who can do the same next year.”

The season begins in November and ends in mid-March.

The women’s basketball club will be playing on March 22 at Ohio State University in a tournament. If it wins, the team will qualify and go to nationals in Florida.