Mash-up of basketball, baseball, trash talking uniquely popular

Northern Kentucky University intramurals hosted a BASEketball tournament for a second consecutive year at the campus recreation center on Wednesday.

The game, a unique mash-up of two sports, combines the action of basketball with the scoring system of baseball. The game is scored over nine innings, and the inning ends after each team gets three “outs,” like in baseball.

An “out” occurs when the offensive team shoots the basketball but misses, which is where the basketball action takes place. If the shot is made, a runner reaches base. When a baserunner reaches “home,” a point is awarded.

While some players participated last year and were familiar with the rules, others had to adjust to playing the odd game for the first time.

Chase Wiler, a member of Pike B’s winning team, said his first experience with BASEketball was enjoyable.

“It’s a pretty fun game,” he said. “It’s something different.”

Cody Foley and Harlan Barker, also members of Pike B, noted some of the skills needed to be successful.

Barker credited tip-ins, the act of following a missed shot with an immediate made shot without touching the ground, as a skill necessary to playing defense.

Foley discussed some of the pure basketball skills needed to succeed that ultimately resulted in his team winning the tournament.

“It really shows who the shooters are in the gym,” he said.