Rollergirls look for student support

The Black-n-Bluegrass Roller Girls are looking for new fans as they get settled into their new home at The Bank of Kentucky Center (BOKC).
The team started the 2012 season at the BOKC on May 19.

“It’s great during bouts,” Christina Poe, or Sheneeda Spankin’, a blocker for Black-n-Bluegrass said. “It is a lot more intense.”
The players are looking to move their Florence fan base to the BOKC.
“We are doing a lot of fundraising,” Poe said.

On Sept. 22, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the team is hosting a car wash at the Sears outlet in Florence, Ky. They are also appearing at BOKC events to pass out flyers and information about their upcoming bouts.

Tiffany Work, also known as Petal to the Metal, one of the jammers, or the player who scores the points, said the move to the BOKC is great.
“It is really good having the students there,” Work said.

Head coach David Phillips said he has mixed emotions about the move. He said the move puts more pressure on the team to get their name out and build the crowd up again.
The team’s next home bout is a doubleheader Sept. 22, beginning at 7 p.m. against The Rollergirls of Southern Indiana (ROSI) and Gem City, out of Dayton, Ohio. Admission is free for all NKU students.