Norse player leaves behind legacy


Women’s basketball player Casse Mogan has finished her career as a Norse, but her name and legacy will live on through fans and record books.
After the 2011-12 season, Mogan was named honorable mention Division II All-American by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association, third team Daktronics All-American and first team Bulletin All-American.
During her senior season, Mogan was named Great Lakes Valley Conference Player of the Year and averaged 17.7 points per game and 5.6 rebounds per game. She led the team in assists (82) and steals (66). She set a Norse single-game record on Dec. 1, 2011 by scoring 37 points against Saint Joseph’s. Last year, she was selected for the 2010 All-GLVC first team.
Mogan played in 111 games from 2008-12. She finished 4th in scoring (1,579), 6th in scoring average (14.2 ) and 7th in free throw percentage (.797) in NKU women’s basketball history.
Head coach Nancy Winstel said Mogan’s talent combined with her work ethic and competitive drive have been the keys to her success.
“I think you have to have talent first and foremost,” Winstel said. “But, I also think what you do with your talent reflects on the type of player you are going to be, and Casse has worked hard all four years that she has been here.”

Winstel said Mogan has carried NKU offensively the last two years.
“She has had a few rough games over her career, but not too many,” Winstel said. “She has been boxed, chased, double-teamed and banged around, and she has still been very effective.”
Winstel first saw Mogan at a recruiting event before the start of her senior year in high school and was impressed with the way she played and her athleticism.
“From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted to offer her a scholarship,” Winstel said. “We really thought that she was the real deal and she had the potential to be even better.”
Mogan said that Winstel’s will to win motivates her and her teammates on the court.

“Coach does a really good job of making winning important to the team,” Mogan said.

As successful as Mogan has been over her career, she still remains humble, even being the fourth leading scorer in NKU women’s basketball.
“It’s a pretty cool thing, but overall, I really don’t think it is a big deal,” Mogan said. “I think our [team] record means more than individual records.”
Even with the awards she has won, Mogan’s “team first” mentality reflects what kind of leader she has been for the Norse program.

“I think it’s a great honor that other schools and other people recognize how players perform,” Mogan said. “But if our team wasn’t playing great then I wouldn’t have gotten any of these [awards].”
Junior center Ellen Holton said Mogan has been a great leader, vocally and by example and appreciates the time they have spent playing together.
“Over the last few years, Casse and I have developed good court chemistry, so just being able to feed off of that with each other is really nice,” Holton said.
Winstel said Mogan is a typical college student off of the court.

“She is fun to be around,” Winstel said. “She laughs very easily and gets along with her teammates.”
Holton added that, “Off of the court she is crazy. She is fun though. She is really goofy and is a good friend.”
Out of fun, Holton revealed one thing about Mogan that many people do not know.

“She doesn’t look like it but she is so clumsy,” Holton said. “She trips over her own feet all of the time. It is so funny to know that, and when you see her play, she doesn’t look like that at all.”