NKU graduate makes an impact

As fans enjoy sporting events and coaches and players participate, the sports information staff keeps up with the performance and statistics of the athletes. If someone wants to go back to the record books to see how well an athlete performed at a specific game or during a specific season, there is someone in charge of keeping these files.

Northern Kentucky University alumni Kelli Marksbury, the graduate assistant for sports information, thrives behind the scenes as she helps sports information track the statistics of all of NKU’s student athletes. She attended Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, Ky., where she ran cross country and played basketball her freshman year.

Despite consideration to attend two universities in Tennessee during her senior year of high school, Marksbury maintained her decision to come to NKU and was not disappointed. She said that coming to NKU “was like going home.”

Marksbury was a student assistant in the athletic department before she filled the sports information graduate assistant position, which brings with it more work.
“She has more responsibilities now; we treat our graduate assistants just like our staff,” said athletic director Scott Eaton.
Marksbury continues to impress the athletic department. Assistant sports information director Mike Anderson said, “She is a great person to work with.” Marksbury worked in the athletic department before Anderson was hired full-time.

“She has been a very valuable member of the sports information staff,” Eaton said.

Marksbury is receiving recognition from her co-workers. “She handles game day responsibilities,” Anderson said. These responsibilities can range from editing the photographs to covering the statistics for the game.

Marksbury received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and sports business and her master’s degree in communication, both from NKU. She would like to stay in college athletics but keeps the door open for other opportunities. Her interest in sports began in the first grade, but she continued to stay interested in the game and knew what she wanted to do for a career. Marksbury continues to follow that dream and is realizing it with sports information.