Former golfer swings back to NKU


Sports business is a fairly new program and other universities are starting to implement this field of study. Within the program, an internship is required in order to graduate, and some start their relevant experience working in a collegiate athletic department.
Alicia Lawrence was one of those students who not only went to class, but also competed in athletics as well. She was a sports business major who played on the golf team.
Lawrence began her undergraduate degree at NKU in 2004 and graduated in December of 2008. She was also a student worker at NKU. She went to Ohio University for her master’s degree and volunteered with the NKU Athletic Department during the winter break and shadowed around. After graduating from Ohio, she became the coordinator for athletic development at NKU, starting in August of 2011.
Lawrence is no stranger to the collegiate athletic department. Prior to her return to NKU, she worked at the University of Georgia and then at Ohio as a graduate assistant.
“I answer to the director of athletic development,” Lawrence said. “I have the annual fund, which involves operating budgets and scholarships, season tickets for men’s and women’s basketball, alumni outreach in ramping up and keeping former students athletes connected through the program, and stewardship.”
SMG owns the facility for The Bank of Kentucky Center and works closely with NKU Athletics. Lawrence is the liaison between athletics and the box office, operated by SMG. Lawrence works with season-ticket holders at the Bank of Kentucky Center.
“Her personableness is definitely outstanding, she did a number of internships,” said NKU Athletic Director Scott Eaton. “She just has a vast amount of experience and is an outstanding asset to our department.”
As a member of the golf team, she treated the golf course as her job, according to women’s golf coach Daryl Landrum.
“Alicia made good grades and got involved in school activities,” Landrum said. “She is what you want everybody to be at NKU as a student.”
Being a role model on the golf course was just the beginning. Her passion for sports motivated her throughout her academic studies.
“She works on everything, she is a perfectionist and she always wants to do her best,” Landrum said.
During her time at NKU, she was an athletic council representative. She accomplished numerous awards and continues to fill the trophy case for her achievements.
“I always knew that I wanted to be back here at NKU,” Lawrence said. “This is home, and I love NKU.”
Currently, Lawrence is living her dream of working in collegiate athletics and plans on playing more golf this summer now that she has adapted to her work schedule.