Tailgating available on campus

Tailgating has two popular connotations. One is associated with impatient drivers, and the other is a gathering where people grill out, drink and participate in various activities before a sporting event. Although Northern Kentucky University is a dry campus, any student attending an event at The Bank of Kentucky Center can rent out a space in Lot D to drink and socialize before entering the arena.
Even though such a privilege is available on campus, people may be unaware of this opportunity to tailgate.

“There hasn’t been a request for a tailgating spot in a long time, and it has been that way for a while now,” said Steve Meier, associate to the dean of students.

One reason reservations have not been considered is because it is public knowledge that NKU has an active dry campus policy. While that may be, renting out Lot D provides a way to drink on campus without violating the policy.

To rent a spot in Lot D, guests must contact the parking office and request a stall. A stall costs $10 each, and the guest must reserve two stalls. Each stall holds 10 people; if a party exceeds that number, another stall must be purchased. Tailgating events are monitored by NKU police, so attendees should behave in an appropriate manner while in the lot.

Tailgating is permitted until the men’s game is scheduled to begin. Because the men’s teams are the last to play in the day, all drinking must cease and trash must be disposed of properly.

“If everyone abides by the rules, then the tailgating experience shouldn’t be hindered in any way,” Meier said.

He also suggested that as long as everybody is responsible, there shouldn’t be any repercussions. The alcohol must be contained in plastic cups, and kegs are not permitted. Beer pong and other drinking games are not encouraged, but they are not restricted.

Sophomore and personal training major Daniel Osbourne said that if more students went out and attended events like tailgating, then the social scene on campus would start to flourish.

“I usually tailgate for football, but if I were to tailgate for a NKU event, it would probably be basketball,” Osbourne said. “It’s a smart idea by the university, because it could generate a lot of money if students were to participate.”

Information about the rules and reserving a spot can be found at the Parking Services Office or at NKU’s website.