Effects of college stress


Stress based on acceptance rates. The lower the rates, the higher the stress according to Education Tech News.

Students have taken over Steely Library, Griffin Hall labs and other buildings on campus in an attempt to complete final projects or study for finals that are coming up.

However, stress has taken over the students.

“It’s quite a bit to do and they don’t space it out,” junior electronic media and broadcasting and media informatics Jessica McGinnis said.

With majors like electronic media and broadcasting and media informatics, most of the finals are composed of projects. For example, for media informatics, the final could be an animated game. Electronic media and broadcasting students in the single camera course are expected to create a final narrative film.

Most students can find themselves working late with these projects as well as studying.

“With the two [classes] that I have finals on,” senior media informatics Daniel Prindle said. “I’d say I’m stressed.”

Prindle said that the latest he has stayed up to work on something or study is 5 am.

However, students have found ways to cope with the stress of finals and devise game plans to get through the week of finals and the weeks preceding.

Anthropology senior Aric Cattran said that he likes to take breaks with studying and meditate. Cattran said he also hasn’t been as stressed as he used to be when it comes to finals.

“I’ll study and then meditate on that,” Cattran said. “I don’t study continuously… I take breaks.”

Aside from that, Cattran will take breaks to watch movies or spend time with his daughter playing games.

Other students try to just get everything done as soon as possible.

“I’m more stressed with the lead up,” senior anthropology major Ian Takaoka said. “I try to get everything done early… If I don’t have to worry about finals, that will be preferable.”

Takaoka also said that he will watch movies or exercise to cope with the stress.

The most common answer for coping with stress was caffeine, whether it be soda or coffee.

In the past, the English department with Facilities Maintenance and Student Life have put on a Doggie Stress Relief week.  

The Village Cafe also had an event with dogs as well as the annual Feast for Finals. The Thursday before finals week, free breakfast food is served to students, commuters and residents alike.

Students have the option to attend these kind of events in order to cope with the end of semester stress.

“My gameplan is to just survive,” McGinnis said.