Regent, business president skis in free time

Terry Mann is one of many members that make up NKU’s Board of Regents. Some of us may also know that he is the President of Kentucky Alternative Programs, but here’s a look at the man behind the regent in The Northerner’s first installment of the To Know A Regent series:


Q: What is Kentucky Alternative Programs?

A: We provide services for the district courts around the state. We have about 14 offices. We provide almost any kind of service a court wishes. For example, if a court wishes for someone to be on satellite tracking, the ankle bracelets, we’ll do that. We’ll see that the instruments to prohibit someone from starting a car if they’ve been drinking… just about anything a probation officer would do except we’re privatized. The client pays for our fee. The tax payers don’t.


Q: How did you become a regent?

A: The Governor appointed me. He and I served in the legislature during the early to mid 70s.


Q: Favorite movie or TV show?

A: Casablanca.


Q: Favorite food?

A: Ask me another question.


Q: Favorite bands?

A: If you haven’t sang “A Pirate Looks at 40” at a Jimmy Buffett concert, or stood and shouted while Mick Jagger was on stage to “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” or walked into a really quiet room all by yourself and put a really nice headset on and listened to Claude W.C.’s “Claire de Lune,” those are three great musical experiences you should have.


Q: If you had to have an exotic pet what would it be?

A: A parrot. I don’t want to clean up after it.


Q: Favorite Hobby?

A: I’m an avid skier. I do spend a lot of time on the treadmill and I ski a lot… My first skiing experience was at Perfect North Slopes years ago and I went up with a group from the school I was principal of. We all went up there and none of us had ever skied before, and of course I slipped and fell all over the place, but I knew immediately that I liked it. So I signed up for lessons and went from there.


Q: Favorite holiday?

A: Any one I can sleep through.