BREAKING: Chief of Police Jason Willis resigns after receiving Ph.D.


Chief of Police Jason Willis announced his resignation from NKU, effective May 29. Willis recently received a Ph.D. in education and educational leadership and plans to use his doctorate in his next career.

Tori Lentz, News Editor

Chief of Police Jason Willis announced he is resigning from NKU to pursue other opportunities in higher education. His resignation, effective May 29, comes after four years as head of the NKU Police Department.

Willis recently completed a doctorate in education and educational leadership with a specialization in business informatics. He plans to use the degree in his next career.

“I would like to stay with law enforcement, but maybe in a different role,” Willis said. “I’d like to do some teaching in criminal justice, there’s some consulting opportunities im looking at…and really use the things I’ve learned in the [educational leadership] program and really put those things into practical use as well as my 20 years of policing.”

Willis said he wants to leave behind a legacy of helping others and hopes the NKU Police Department will continue to hire officers who strive to educate and meet students’ needs.

“I’ve always been very community-oriented, very customer service-oriented  and I really want my legacy to be that we’re there for the students, we’re there for the community, we’re helpers,” Willis said. “I would hope that we would continue to hire officers and try to recruit the officers that really have that helping philosophy.”

Willis said he will always remember the relationships and memories he’s made with students.

“There hasn’t been really been any big incidents or tragedies, just a lot of good experiences with the students,” Willis said. “One thing I really appreciate about NKU is our students and how hard they work and how a lot of students have part-time jobs.”

Willis plans to stay in the Cincinnati area to pursue other opportunities and raise his young family.

“I have a very supportive, successful, understanding wife and came to the conclusion that after a lot of soul searching it was the best time for our family to pursue some other opportunities, both financially and just for the future.”

President Geoffrey Means has asked Vice President Ken Ramey to begin preparations for a small search committee that will determine the next chief of police, according to a news release sent to students. The administration hopes to have a new police chief by the Fall 2015 semester.