University raises tuition for 2015-16 school year by 3 percent

The Board of Regents voted Wednesday to increase tuition for Kentucky residents by 3.12 percent, meaning Kentuckians will pay $11 more per credit hour next year.

The increase means that the cost of attending NKU full-time in 2015-16 will cost $8,736 for Kentucky residents, a $264 increase from this year. The metro rate will increase by $264, making the cost for area residents to attend NKU $13,200 next year.

For non-residents living outside the metro area, tuition will cost $17,472 annually, a $528 increase from current rates.

“For non-resident undergraduate tuition rates, the CPE [Council on Postsecondary Education] requires us to charge at least two times what the resident rate is,” Ken Kline, senior director of the budget office, said.

Kentucky students attending the Chase College of Law will pay $20 more per credit hour next year with an annual full-time cost of $17,576.

The Council on Postsecondary Education mandates that the increase of tuition rates be capped at 8 percent over a period of two years. Last year, tuition was raised at 4.75 percent.

The tuition increase does not change how NKU ranks against other Kentucky universities in terms of cost. The university’s tuition costs will remain slightly more than Eastern Kentucky University and slightly less that Western Kentucky University, according to projected increases in other Kentucky universities’ tuition rates.