SGA passes resolution to renovate campus’ ‘forgotten building’

All the way on the north end of campus, far removed from traffic and congestion, Campbell Hall is quietly tucked away off of a road hardly traveled. Although far from main campus, Campbell Hall will soon be uniform with the university’s other buildings.

On Monday, Jan. 12, the Student Government Association passed a resolution requesting more vending options as well as updated furniture and technology in Campbell Hall.

On the Fall 2014 Campus Safety Walk, members of student government and university officials made sure that lights, roadways and other outdoor areas met safety regulations. But for the first time officials also focused on the interior of the buildings on campus.

“This was actually the first year we went perfect into different buildings, so it was a time for Campbell Hall to be a part of it,” senior SGA Senator Ella Mravec said.

Originally used by Gateway Community and Technical College, the facility is now leased by NKU and is home to the Program for Adult-Centered Education (PACE), Educational Outreach and the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities. Campbell Hall also has 12 classrooms that are equipped with SMART technology and are open for any department.

According to Debbie Poweleit, associate director of PACE, there are approximately 400 students enrolled in the program who use the facility on a regular basis.

“Some of the biggest complaints from our students were [lack of] food accessibility,” Poweleit said.

First year PACE student Kim Masco agrees that more vending options would be beneficial for students. Masco is one of many PACE students who juggle school and a full time job.

“I get up actually at 4:20 in the morning. I work all day until 4:30, and then I come straight here, and I’m usually here until about 9 o’clock,” Masco said. “You get people who come in here after being at work all day, and we just want to get coffee because we are trying to stay awake.”

Along with limited vending options, Masco and Poweleit said the furniture and style of the building is extremely outdated.

“We’re just excited to get some updated furniture. When we came here the place was slightly furnished. Some of the furniture here was left by Gateway, some of the furniture came from the Covington campus and then some was purchased new when we moved here. So it’s been a mismatch of things,” Poweleit said as she waved to the wallpaper in her office.

Jeff Fox, an advisor in the College of Informatics, agrees that Campbell Hall does not fit the mold of other buildings on campus. Fox had an office in Campbell Hall from 2009 to 2014 where he worked as the coordinator for Prior Learning Assessment.

“In that time a lot has changed,” Fox said. “It has gotten better and better each year. I feel like as time went on they included things more.”

Members of SGA, like Mravec, are hoping to include even more with the newly passed resolution.

“We just thought there was sort of a neglect to it. It’s part of the university, so we are going to do furniture renovations and update any computers and printers that don’t work,” Mravec said.

Poweleit also sees promise in the resolution.
“I would love to see more departments offer classes here. We would love to see the building used more,” Poweleit said. “We work with a lot of academic units across campus, so we try to tell them that it’s equipped and ready to go for the faculty.”