Beautification process takes over parking spaces

Ten spaces have been taken away in name of beautification at the parking lot at the Callahan Hall and Northern Terrace dorms. In their place will be trees and shrubbery for a more positive aesthetic look.

Larry Blake, assistant vice president of facilities management, says the view of Callahan Hall and Northern Terrace from across the street has received some criticism.

“There’s been a number of complaints about how the building looks, especially from the street. As you drive by, all you see is cars,” Blake said.

The change to landscaping, according to Blake, will allow for a “better atmosphere,” with improved divisions between the residence halls, the parking lot and Martha Layne Collins Blvd.

“The more green space you have, the more pavement you take away, the better,” Blake said.

Five varieties of maple trees, previously unknown to NKU’s campus, are being planted, according to Bill Moulton, superintendent of horticulture at NKU. These names include “Hedge King,” “State Street,” “Green Mountain,” Katsura “Amazing Grace” and Sweet Gum “Slender Silhouette.”

While the curbed islands have been installed, the weather of the past couple weeks along with the snowfall a couple weeks ago has delayed the landscape and irrigation work by “a week to 10 days,” according to Moulton.

For long-term beautification between the two residence halls, Moulton stressed the importance of Callahan Hall and Northern Terrace appearing as “one community of dorms.”

“This will unify the area and bring both buildings together as one location with two buildings,” Moulton said in an email.

Some responses to the construction have been negative, mostly regarding the communication or lack thereof.

Joel Wilson, a senior geography major and vice president of records for the Association of Campus Residents, says there wasn’t much in the way of communication with ACR about the loss of spots, but says ACR was unaware of the issue.

“From what we have gathered they have taken away roughly 10-12 spots,” Wilson said. “It was part of the Callahan-Northern Terrace beautification work and we were just unaware about it.”

According to Blake, while he is unsure “if ACR was one the reviewers or not” he said there was consultation with student organizations.

“We had the Residence Life folks out there with us,” Blake said. “the directors of Residence Life and some others when we were deciding how to do it.”

While further beautification at Callahan Hall and Northern Terrace may be in the cards, Blake says it might not be at the expense of students finding a place for their cars.

“I don’t think necessarily we’re going to be taking parking away,” Blake said.