UPDATED: Jose and Hahnel found ‘not responsible’ for libel charges, grievance dismissed

The judicial council of the Student Government Association decided that the campaign coordinated by now SGA President and Vice President elects John Jose and Kat Hahnel did not use libel.

Furthermore, the council decided that Tina Hoesl did not use intimidation in the messages she sent on Jose and Hahnels’ behalves.

“Council finds the defendants, John Jose and Katherine Hahnel, and their campaign not responsible of all charges including libel, violation of the Spring 2014 Election Guidelines…, and intimidation,” said the document released by the judicial council.

Jose said that he is glad that the charges have been dismissed and he’s eager to get to work as SGA President.

“We’re ready to get to work and also really proud of how the judicial council handled the grievance process,” Jose said. “I thought they did it in a very professional manner and explained very thoroughly their decision.”

While David Trump, the candidate who filed the grievance, admitted that hearing these results was “disappointing,” he respected the decision that was made.

“Daniel Cieslak (SGA’s Chief Justice) did some amazing work this year to improve the campaign procedures and this was in no way an attack against his work,” Trump said. “However, I do hope this grievance will bring about a few changes in the election rules and guidelines so that something like this does not happen again in the future.”

The document released by the judicial council stated that the libel in question, a Facebook post that read “Ask yourself, after Bush’s second term, would you have voted for Cheney? I think not… #DumpTheTrump,” was taken down within thirty minutes of posting, leading them to conclude that there was no malicious intent by the defendants.

According to the document, Trump and Justin Wynne can submit a written appeal to the Dean of Students office within the next three working days. Jose said that he doesn’t see them doing that.

“I really wouldn’t see why they should because the judicial council explains… none of their grievances have any merit to them,” Jose said.

As for Tina Hoesl, the judicial council said that since her messages were sent through Facebook and that the election guidelines do not cover social media sites.

Overall Trump said filing the grievance was a good thing and that this doesn’t mean his contributions at NKU are over.

“I can rest assured that I tried my best and will not have to live with any ‘what if’s’ in regards to mine and Justin’s campaign,” Trump said. “ As for the future and next year, I will now have more time to focus on my theatre career and look into other opportunities to make a difference with the time I have left at NKU; this is in no way a stopping point for me.”