Track team voices concerns regarding lack of practice facility on campus

Justin Wolstenholme, Contributing Writer

With no regular track facility for the NKU track team to practice at, the players have begun to voice their frustrations.

Nicholas Chiarot, a senior who has played four years for the men’s NKU soccer team and is currently on the track team here at NKU, stated that it is difficult to get a feel for the track when you don’t have a track to train on regularly.

NKU currently does not have a track and has their players travel to Highlands High School in Fort Thomas, Ky. to train.

“It is a real hassle to get to training when some of the players do not live here and do not have a car, and have to rely on others,” Chiarot said.

Athletes on the track team have a more difficult time finding extra hours to train outside their allocated training times.

Sara Savitz, a sophomore from Loveland, Ohio, states that running laps around NKU’s campus is a quick way to gain fitness without impacting her schooling.

However, Chiarot said the track team’s need for the availability of a facility to practice at is different.

According to Chiarot, players who need a track to compete will need to wait for training hours set by the coaches in order to practice.

“People who participate in long-jump and high-jump only have specific times to be able to work on their technique and form,” Chiarot said.

The recreation center is one of the places where the track team practices when the weather is too harsh for the players to make it outside to practice at Highland High School.

“The rec center is good for training when its cold but it isn’t close to the same feel or standard as the track we compete at,” Chiarot said.