The Job Expo Survival Guide

The 2014 Job Expo will take place on Feb. 26, and will feature over 100 employers. The Job Expo is a chance for students to network with a variety of  potential employers.  The Having  different employers in one central location is an opportunity for students to explore industries.

Advice from experts:

Job_Expo_1_WebRees Storm, director of Advising and manager of Internships & Co-Ops for the College of Informatics

Biggest mistake students make: “Not following up. Be proactive about your job search.”

Number one piece of advice: “Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions. You can never know the power of a chance encounter or an indirect connection.”

How to stand out: “Students can stand out in a job fair by being prepared. Also knowing what companies will be there and targeting a few to approach.”

Heather Crabbe, outreach officer Chase College of Law

Biggest mistake students make: “One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying for a job is not familiarizing themselves with what the organization does or the responsibilities of the position they are applying for.”Job_Expo_14_Web

Number one piece of advice: “Have a separate cover letter for each prospective employer.”

How to stand out: “Dress for success! Students need to look like they want the job.”

HeadShot-MeredithSingletonMeredith Singleton, professional writing professor

Biggest mistake students make: “Not doing enough homework or research on the position. Tailor your resume to the job and the company. Job postings give you a list of exactly what they want. Your cover letter and resume need to reflect that not only do you know what the needs of the job are, but that you’re just the right fit for it.”

Number one piece of advice: “I’d tell students to go to the job fair with a plan. Know who you are and what you’re looking for.”

How to stand out: “The students who stand out at a job fair are the ones that are confident, well-rehearsed, prepared, professional and engaging.”

Shirl Short, associate director of Career Services

Biggest mistake students make: “Students don’t adequately prepare for the job search process.”shirlllll

Number one piece of advice: “Prepare.”

How to stand out: “Showing that they have prepared for the event.”


Small Talk Tips:

  • Name
  • Major
  • Expected date of graduation/major
  • What you have to offer
  • What job you are interested in
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the company
  • Questions
  • Thank you for their time/ Handshake

Resumes tips:

  • Free from grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Highlight skills and important experiences
  • Use the same keywords that appear in job descriptions
  • Easily scannable

Professional Dress Guide:

For Men

Suits /Sports coat

  • solid, subtle pinstripes
  • unbuttoned while sitting/ buttoned while standing
  • avoid double breasted jackets
  • neutral colors


  • jacket and pants must match
  • Khakis
  • solid color slacks
  • Long enough to touch the front of the shoe but not the ground


  • conservative colors
  • should be long enough to reach belt


  • white or muted color
  • collared long sleeves or
  • sweaters or polos


  • polished leather shoes or oxfords or loafers
  • dark socks to match shoes
  • calf length socks

For Women


  • Blazer or Suit Jacket
  • jackets should fall ½ inch below wrist
  • neutral colors


  • No capris
  • dress pants or khakis
  • straight leg not skinny, or tapered
  • skirt
  • knee length
  • not too tight
  • avoid slits


  • blouse or camisole or
  • sweaters ( knits & cardigans)
  • white or light color
  • minimal cleavage


  • no open toed shoes
  • low heal
  • neutral hosiery or socks

Hair/ accessories/ other

  • You should be clean
  • hair should be neat
  • jewelry should be simple
  • keep nails and makeup natural and minimal
  • avoid strong perfumes, cologne