Wellness Center offers plethora of healthy-living programs

There are more than a few ways that students and employees can take steps toward being healthy on campus, some of which are sponsored through services offered at the Wellness Center.

Monday Mile Group Walk

This is a program that consists of a group of people who walk a mile around NKU’s campus together every Monday.

For the spring semester, the walks start on March 17 because the beginning of the weather during the first few months is too cold, according to Maggie Gough, assistant director of Wellness.

“If you do something healthy on a Monday, you are more likely to continue that healthy behavior throughout the week,” she said in reference to the effectiveness of the Monday program.

2014 Annual Health Assessment

Employees can schedule their free, confidential screening now until Jan. 31 on the NKU Wellness webpage, wellness.nku.edu/employee.html.

The screenings are happening from Feb. 25- 28 in the University Center Ballroom for all employees at NKU who are eligible.  The assessment will include a screening that tests things like cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, height, weight, body mass index, etc.

HealthWorks, the third-party vendor the Wellness Center works with, will have the screening results delivered to the person’s home address and the results are confidential, according to Gough.

Massage Therapy

Studies have shown that massage therapy has many benefits.

“Studies of the benefits of massage therapy demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension,” Gough said. If people want to set up an appointment, call the therapists directly to schedule an appointment:

·      Anne Schuster: 513-382-7784

·      Fran Hasekoester: 859-393-7208

Health Coaching

“It is estimated that only 42 percent of large companies offer some form of health coaching, with an even lower percentage offering in-person expertise,” Gough said.

NKU provides employees with a health coach named Linda Hoffsis, who is a Registered Dietitian and Exercise Psychologist. If employees want to talk to Hoffsis, call x7780 and employees can also set up a free, confidential appointment in The Well Living Center, Founder’s Hall 137.

Wellness 101

NKU Wellness invites University 101 classes to be involved in a program lasting two class periods which discusses physical activity, sleep, time management, nutrition, stress management and nutrition.

“Our Wellness 101 message is, ‘your health is a tool for your success’ and this is such a pivotal realization for an incoming freshman,” said Rachel Bishop, Student Wellness Manager.

If University 101 classes want to have a Wellness 101 series in their class, they can contact Bishop at bishopr2@nku.edu or call extension x7779.