Student Government Association fills final seat, eleven weeks in

All seats of NKU’s Student Government Association are now filled, according to an announcement at the group’s ninth meeting of the semester, upon the appointment of Senator Tyler Stevens, junior English major.

SGA president Erik Pederson said that the group has 40 student spots, which are broken down into 30 senator seats, five judicial council seats and five executive board seats.

According to the SGA constitution, duties expected of a member include attending all meetings of the student senate and SGA retreats, serving on an SGA student senate committee at the recommendation of the vice president to the president and approval of the student senate, and serving on a university standing committee at the recommendation of the SGA president and appointment by the university.

SGA members are also expected to show up to all of their respective committee’s meetings.

A formal letter of resignation is required from members wishing to leave their positions, according to Pederson.

“Otherwise, we have to bring up impeachment charges on them, and that’s a very messy process,” Pederson said.

SGA members may be asked to leave for being over-engaged in other activities, poor academic standing and loss of interest from the member.

Pederson said that the time he’s spent in the SGA has, personally, been both beneficial and enjoyable to him.

“I love what I do here, and that’s what I think has really kept me in it. I feel so passionate about the work that gets done here because I feel like we’re really making a difference,” Pederson said.

SGA Secretary of Public Relations Brandi Cunningham said she likes how she can help students communicate with the university administration.

“I really enjoy being a bridge between the students and the administration. I feel like a lot of people really want things to get done, but they don’t really know how to get them accomplished,” Cunningham said. “Since we work so closely to the administrators, whenever someone has an issue, I can say ‘Well, that’s so-and-so’s department.’”

According to Pederson, to become a member of SGA, students can obtain application packets from either the SGA’s site or from the SGA office in SU 303.

Completed packets need to be submitted to Dean Waple’s office five days prior to the election. Once all the election packets are released to the public, candidates can begin campaigning.

Pederson said that the spring election is in March and that voting lasts for two days.