Local pizzeria joins the Bank of Kentucky Center

The owners of Raniero’s Pizzeria recently signed a contract to be the exclusive pizza provider in the Bank of Kentucky Center, replacing Papa John’s.


Andy Meeks, director of business operations and auxiliary services, would not comment on why Raniero’s would be replacing Papa John’s.


During events at the Bank of Kentucky Center, Raniero’s will be selling food and students will be able to use their All Card to purchase these items.


Located just across the street from Callahan Hall, Raniero’s is a popular pizzeria known for selling pizza by the slice.


Natalie Ramirez, part owner and general manager of Raniero’s, said, “We hope to gain more exposure on the NKU campus and surrounding local communities.”


They will also have advertisements in the BOKC and radio spots during basketball games, advertising food and drink specials.


According to Meeks in an email correspondence, there is no set date yet as to when Raniero’s will begin selling their food in the BOKC.


“There are some logistical and equipment related plans that have to be resolved,” Meeks said.


Meeks also said in the email, “Raniero’s has entered into a marketing/advertising contract with the Nelligan Sports Group and Chartwells. Part of this contact allows them to sell their pizza at the Bank of Kentucky Center.”


Nelligan Sports Group is the company that does the marketing for the BOKC and the Department of Athletics. Chartwells is the on-campus food service partner for NKU.


Owners at Raniero’s have high hopes for future business through the relationships they have established with these two companies.


“Through our sponsorship with NKU Athletics and our partnership as a vendor for Chartwells, we plan to increase our daily business and increase day-to-day traffic in our store,” Ramirez said.


One student, Avilyn Merrifield, a sophomore accounting major, is pleased to see Raniero’s go exclusive at the BOKC.


“It’s cool that a local restaurant that a lot of students already go to and have made their hangout is going to be with them for games and other stuff now,” she said.