Scott Eaton’s attorney adresses the public


Former NKU Athletic Director Scott Eaton’s attorney, Benjamin Dusing, addresses the public about the investigation. Eaton was terminated from his position last March for misappropriating over $300,000 in addition to having inappropriate relationships with university employees and a student.

Former NKU Athletic Director Scott Eaton’s attorney announced today that President Geoffrey Mearns’ statement to the Board of Regents failed to “reflect the fact that Dr. Eaton brought the diversion to the attention of the university of his own accord, and voluntarily worked with NKU, their lawyers and accountants to help them understand the methods of extent of his diversion of funds,” according to the press release issued Benjamin Dusing and Angela Hayden.

Eaton’s attorney also had other issues with Mearns’ statement.

“There are certain things in the report that we would quivel with; the extent of the funds that were diverted being probably chief among them,” Dusing said.

Dusing also made a point to say that what Mearns said about Eaton exploiting his coworkers was invalid.

“We would respectfully submit that that is inaccurate,” Dusing said.

Eaton wouldn’t dispute the circumstances laid out in Mearns’ address, but the attorneys are continuing to work with law enforcement to determine the accuracy of the total amount of over $300,000 that was reportedly misappropriated, according to Dusing.

In regards to how the university will get back the misappropriated money from Eaton, Dusing said “He doesn’t have it. But, he is willing to make meaningful steps toward repayment.”

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