Director of new LGBTQ center hired


Photo provided courtesy of Bonnie Meyer

Bonnie Meyer, the new director of the Office of LGBTQ Programs and Services.

Mac Payton, News Editor

Bonnie Meyer has been hired as the first director of the Office for LGBTQ Programs and Services.

Meyer said that she plans on bringing speakers to campus and setting up resources for LGBTQ students, but that she wants to meet with students and faculty and staff members first, to see what they want.

“I definitely want to meet with Common Ground and see what they have going at first,” Meyer said. “I have a lot of ideas, but I want to talk to people before I [set anything in motion].”

Dean of Students Jeffrey Waple praised Meyer’s involvement with the community organizations such as NKY Pride, of which she is the president, and Equality Ohio.

“We’re very excited to have her on board,” Waple said, “and we’re going to start running on Monday.”

Meyer is a doctoral candidate at the University of Miami. She is currently working on her dissertation.

“[My] dissertation is looking at policy in states like Kentucky where you can be fired based on sexual orientation, and thinking about how that impacts the public and private lives of gay and lesbian public school teachers,” Meyer said.