Summer housing available, apply today for possible credit

Students that need to stay in the NKU area over the summer will be able to take advantage of NKU’s summer housing program and stay in Callahan Hall, and if they apply before April 16, could be eligible to win up to $250 in credit toward their housing costs.

Some students may not know, but according to Campus Housing Director Arnie Slaughter, you don’t have to be signed up for summer classes to stay in campus housing. As long as you are registered for classes for the following fall semester, you can stay in NKU housing over the summer by paying a weekly rate.

The summer weekly rates vary with five different types of rooms available in Callahan Hall, ranging between $100 and $200.  Students interested in summer housing are urged to sign up early.

“We strongly encourage students to apply as early as possible,” said Slaughter.

Some students have jobs that require them to be here during the summer, and having the opportunity to stay on campus affords them the luxury of living close to their commitments.

Summer housing is available between May 12 through August 9, and students can stay the entire time if need-be, as long as they fit the university’s requirements.

For the most part, summer housing is the same as normal semester housing with the exception that there is no meal plan for students and the Callahan Hall Cafeteria is closed. Students can purchase All Card dollars to use at the Student Union food court and they can also use the three community kitchens within Callahan Hall to fix their own meals.

Also, transportation is different for students that do not have vehicles. The Callahan shuttle will not be operating during the summer, but students can still use their NKU ID to use Tank’s bus service free of charge.  The Tank bus #11 travels from Callahan Hall to the MEP building every 30 to 60 minutes during the summer.

For students needing to live on campus during the summer that also need something to do, there are employment opportunities on campus for students within the housing office.

“We employ a wide range of students for many different positions,” said Slaughter.  “Get involved, get leadership experience and stay connected.”

Slaughter also emphasized that students can participate in the Association of Campus Residents meetings to help bring forward ideas to improve the housing experience for students, and can set times to meet with him to propose ideas to improve housing.