Pederson, Trump win top spots in SGA election

For the second year in a row junior business and communications major Erik Pederson was elected president of Northern Kentucky University’s Student Government Association.

Pederson, along with his now vice president-elect sophomore theatre major David Trump, beat out candidates John Jose and Clayton Castle by 61 votes, and Chaz Edwards and Abby Gross by 191 votes.

The crowd went wild with mixed reactions as the results were read on the third floor of the Student Union at approximately 10:15 p.m. Thursday.

At the front of the crowd, Pederson jumped with excitement and threw his hands up in relief with several other members of the crowd nearby.

“There aren’t words to describe how I feel. This is what I love,” Pederson said. “The fact that everyone had faith in me to allow me to do this for a second year is amazing.”

Other candidates, such as sophomore undeclared major John Jose, appeared upset and stunned by the results, but were quick to congratulate the winners.

Overall Pederson and many other campaigners and supporters in the crowd just seemed relieved that the elections were finally over.

“There is a lot of things to be excited about for the future,” Pederson said. “Just so many things to be excited about.”

This will make for Pederson’s third year in a row with a presidential or vice presidential seat within NKU’s SGA.

The proposed constitutional amendment referendum, also on this year’s ballot, passed by 792 votes.

 The official results for the spring 2013 SGA elections can be seen below.


President/ Vice President- Votes:

Erik Pederson/ David Trump- 472

John Jose/ Clayton Castle- 411

Chaz Edwards/ Abby L. Gross- 281


Secretary for Student Involvement:

Megan Murray


Secretary for Public Relations:

Brandi Cunningham


Secretary for Administrative Affairs:

Justin Wynne


Student Senators:

Katie Cox

Tina Hoesl

Patrick Reagan

Chandler Taylor

Elizabeth Ruwe

Andrew Dorriere

Hannah Jones

Hattie Clark

Tatenda Zinyemba

Kyle Taylor

Matthew Frentz

Jarrod West

Kristian Johnson

Abbey Duncan

Angelina Harlow

Amanda Rogers

Donald J. Taylor

Christa Curry

Julia Steffen

Katherine Hahnel

Andrew Kist

Spenser Kern

James Weingand

Ashley Hyden

Melanie Lutz

Judicial Council:

Jesse Wynne

Nick Berra

Chris Paco Walters

Kyle Conley

Daniel Cieslak