Chase announces new SBA representatives

Chase’s Student Bar Association announced its election results on Mar. 1 during its Monte Carlo night.

Fred Rodgers was elected president. According to Joe Cunningham, the current Student Bar Association president, Rodgers will be sworn in around mid-April.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to be the president of the SBA at the same time that Mearns is president, who was a law student,” Rodgers said.

Other Chase students who were elected to the Student Bar Association are Zach Osborne, Tiffanny Smith, John Patterson, Michael Alao and James Pinkston.

According to Cunningham, the Student Bar Association operates similarly to NKU’s Student Government Association.

“We’re kind of the mouthpiece of the students,” Cunningham said. “The goal of the SBA is to focus on the learning environment and the social activities of Chase. We try to encourage students to come out and engage with one another, engage with faculty, engage with the alumni, so we do various events throughout the year. For every twenty-five students, there’s one SBA representative.”

The Monte Carlo night was held to raise money for Chase. It raised a total of 62 donors who donated $4,950.

SBA elected officials:

President: Fred Rodgers

Vice president: Zach Osborne

Night Vice President: Tiffanny Smith

Secretary: John Patterson

Treasury: Michael Alao

American Bar Association Representative: James Pinkston