Greek Life plans to welcome new fraternity next semester

After an unsuccessful expansion for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Northern Kentucky University’s Greek Life is prepared to add another fraternity to its community in Spring 2013.

NKU’s Interfraternal Council voted Nov. 29 to extend an invitation for colonization, or starting a chapter on campus, to Theta Chi.

“As the sorority community grows, we want to grow with them,” said Interfraternal Council president, Jesse Wynne.

The official Interfraternal Council vote was to “stack” extension. This means Theta Chi will begin colonization next semester and Alpha Sigma Phi is projected to join the Greek community in Spring 2015.

According Wynne, the extension process for Theta Chi is “steps ahead” of where Sigma Alpha Epsilon was.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon began colonization in the Spring 2011 semester. Due to lack of numbers, the chapter was asked to end the colonization process in the fall of 2012.

“Their national organization did not back it up,” Wynne said. “They gave us this great, grand presentation and told us they would be here the whole time, and they weren’t. That’s just the facts.”

According to Wynne, Theta Chi has a regional alumnus, Darick Brown, who is from the area and prepared to help with the colonization process at NKU. His wife is also involved in Alpha Omicron Pi’s extension onto NKU’s campus this upcoming Spring semester.

Assistant Director of Student Life Kim Vance said Chris Ruth, a recent NKU graduate, would also be assisting in Theta Chi’s colonization. He was a transfer student from Ball State University, where he was a Theta Chi.

“Chris has a familiarity with campus and our fraternity and sorority community,” Vance said.

According to Vance, both fraternities have a similar plan in place for putting someone on the campus for an extended period of time to begin the recruitment process and develop the colony members.

Vance said both fraternities also have reasonable expectations as well as long-term support.

According to Vance, the fraternities currently installed on campus are very committed to supporting Theta Chi as they begin their colonization.

“I’ve never seen this level of, what I would consider to be, support,” Vance said.

As the university grows in numbers, Greek Life continues its growth. According to Vance, chapter sizes are becoming too big to be held in the facilities on campus. Thus, one of the reasons for expansion.

However, with this continued growth, the more options there are, the more people will be interested in Greek Life.

Mary Osbourne, previous Panhellenic president said the expansion of Greek Life shows more interest being generated.

“Part of our mission is to create the best students, as Greek Life, and so the more students we can get involved, the more students’ lives we can change,” she said. “Expansion means we’re touching a few more people.”

The colonization of a new chapter not only generates interest, but it gives an opportunity for leadership and involvement.

“It’s a great opportunity because you get the chance to start your own thing. You get to make your own legacy. You get to make your own mark. And that is really cool,” Wynne said.