Former NKU staff member charged with voyeurism

Former WNKU broadcast engineer, and communications department equipment and facilities manager, Bob McCoy was charged with 20 counts of voyeurism Nov. 16.

Voyeurism is a class A misdemeanor with a maximum of one year in prison for each count. The Campbell County attorney’s office is handling the case. Steve Franzen, Campbell County attorney, said he is unsure if the maximum sentencing will be pursued.

On Sept. 17, a complaint was filed against McCoy that he was “engaging in inappropriate behavior with a cellphone” in Griffin Hall. It was confirmed by Chief Jason Willis that McCoy was using his cellphone to film up women’s skirts in the north stairwell on the fourth floor of Griffin Hall.

Interim Communication Chair Zach Hart said McCoy was put on leave shortly after the complaint was filed and then terminated on Oct. 8.

According to a supplemental police report, McCoy was seen placing a cellphone under the hem of a female student’s skirt as she was walking up a flight of stairs on Sept. 13. According to a supplemental Northern Kentucky University police report, McCoy was attempting “to obtain video or still photos of her female anatomy.”

McCoy’s office was searched and computers, videotapes and other items were confiscated by NKU police.

According to Willis, the NKU police department, through their investigation, found nine pieces of video evidence of voyeurism on McCoy’s phone and computer. Willis and the NKU police said the evidence dates back to last summer.

“All the video evidence was the same,” Willis said. “Him walking behind someone up the steps.”

A warrant is out for McCoy’s arrest and he has been notified of the charges. He was scheduled to have his arraignment on Nov. 27 but that has been delayed until Dec. 14.

“We take these kind of situations very serious,” Willis said. “Any time a student is a victim we do a very thorough investigation.”

At the time of publication The Northerner wasn’t able to contact McCoy.