Obama wins, Republicans need a new plan

Even though his first four years haven’t been as smooth as he wanted them to be, President Barack Obama now has another chance to accomplish his goals for this country. I guess the country would rather go through another four years than take a chance and go back to the ways of George Bush.

This election was close, probably too close for some supporters on both sides. There wasn’t a clear winner until the actual election night, and even then there was some debate as to who the winner would be – networks called the election a little early for the likes of some.

So as we all know, Barack Obama was re-elected as our president with 303 electoral votes – Mitt Romney ended up with 206 electoral votes. The states that were highly contested were Ohio and Florida. Obama beat out Romney in Florida, just barely, with 49.9 percent of the vote while Romney took 49.3 percent. In Ohio, Obama took 50.1 percent while Romney had 48.2 percent.
While the news of Obama being re-elected will be talked about for the coming weeks, the problems with the Republican party are bigger news.

The big problem with the Republican party is that they don’t have strong party leaders. When Mitt Romney became the party candidate there wasn’t anyone else to lead the charge so to speak. If Republicans want to have a chance in the next presidential election a party leader needs to be in place – that person could be Paul Ryan, which might be why he was chosen as Romney’s running mate.
The old Republican ways aren’t working any more, that’s obvious with Obama’s two consecutive terms. Does the next Republican candidate need to be more left leaning? Not necessarily, but keeping with the same ideals and policies isn’t helping them. Maybe they should take a page out of Obama’s playbook and embrace a little change.