Going through with the redesign.

So I caught the last half of a design session over managing a redesign. The best advice I took from this session, was overall research. You can’t see where to go and what you’re doing wrong if you don’t look up what is right. The group that did the redesign said it was a huge challenge to go from a broad sheet to a tab, but after the process was done with it was worth the dramatic change.

Something I never would have thought of doing was during the redesign, test your new ideas on old pages. See how the redesign will either improve or lower the quality of your paper. This is the best way to see your own content and not filler text and photos. Sometimes things look good with filler content but putting your own stuff in is hard.

We need to focus on small page header, a feature package on each page, and a special start to each section. When heading into this redesign we will need to talk with our current business we do advertising with and let them know the spacing will change, and start selling new dimensions.

Overall we should not be afraid to try a little variety and change, and never be scared to switch it up.