Chicken Salad was YUMMY!

This was a really fun and fast paced sessions. Our speaker quickly showed us bad front pages & inside pages and how we could easily change them up to make them better, in a matter of a few minutes.

To sum it all up here’s the basic info I have gained:
1 – Designers and the editors should have a beautiful relationship.
2 – Clever headline are the most successful. Try using part of a quote or a proactive statement to catch the eyes.
4 – If you don’t know what students want, you will never know what anyone will want EVER.
5 – It’s okay to run CLO (cut line only) content.
6 – Special sections should be special. Do not make them too flat or too extravagant, know your limits.
7 – Never be afraid to use white space, it is your friend.

and last but not least, I should be training you guys to know a little more about design just as you guys should train me and know more about the content. We should all be aware what it takes to put this paper together. Seeing every job and knowing how it work makes your appreciation for the process greater.