Student Media hits Chicago, follow what we learn

Hello, readers! Thanks for visiting our blog from our trip to the 2012 College Media Association national conference in Chicago.

Thirteen of us left Wednesday evening for our annual national conference. It’s a wonderful opportunity for student journalists, designers, broadcasters and radio broadcasters to learn a mass amount of information from the best. Over four days, there are countless sessions to attend from leadership and writing to advertising and the business side of things.

Because there are so many sessions, we’re using this blog page to document what we learn from each of them and figure out a way to implement them at The Northerner and Norse Code Radio. It’s also a way for our readers to see what we are up to while we’re away.

Each staff member will be posting the best parts of each session they attend, so follow us daily to keep up.

Let us know what you think of what we’re learning, too. What do you want to see from us? Do you think these sessions will be helpful? How should we implement these tips?

We want to know what you think, so don’t hesitate.

Back to Chicago I go,

Claire Higgins
Editor in chief