SGA budget proposes more money to orgs.

In the last few years, Northern Kentucky University has experienced budget cuts that are continuing to affect student life. The Student Government Association is responding to this problem with a resolution, proposing the addition of $60,000 to the Student Fee Allocation Board.

The Student Fee Allocation Board hasn’t experienced an increase in the amount of money they are allowed to allocate to student organizations in five years, Erik Pederson, SGA president, said.
The Student Fee Allocation Board determines the amount of money organizations like Student Government Association, Activities Programming Board and the Northern Kentucky Leadership Institute can use each academic year. Approximately $311,000 is available to NKU’s Student Life, according to Steve Meier, associate to the Dean of Students.

“The cause to our struggle is that we’re experiencing inflation,” Pederson said. “Tuition, housing, parking and other student fees are increasing, however, the money available to organizations is not increasing.”

“The money available to be dispersed by the Student Fee Allocation Board is determined during the university’s budget process. Student life is funded primarily through tuition and state appropriations,” Ken Kline, senior budget director said.

SGA’s budget plan for the year reflects how the organization operates. Julie Bridewell, administrative assistant in the Office of the Dean of Students, works with David Trump, Secretary of Administration, on financial matters. For this academic year, SGA has $25,746.45 available, according to Bridewell.

“SGA primarily deals with internal matters, which doesn’t affect us too badly when budget cuts happen. The events that we do host are not as costly as some events other organizations organize,” Pederson said.
Events like the Rally for Higher Education and the Alumni Lecture Series are funded solely from SGA. In order to still be active in student life, SGA has focused on collaborating with other organizations to offset the costs.

SGA has partnerships with the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement and the Activities Programming Board. Next month, SGA and APB will be hosting a presidential election party open to all students.
According to Pederson, the SGA agenda includes a resolution to add $60,000 to Student Life.

Last year, APB couldn’t attend its National Association of Campus Activities conference due to not having enough money.
“We had to make a choice between going to NACA or hosting a few more events,” Tina Hoesl, APB president said. “APB decided we would rather spend money on programs than going to NACA. It was a tough decision.”

Pederson said he would like to see the Student Fee Allocation Board revise its operating system. Pederson thinks effort should be spent on gaining more donor support, in order to support funding for student life.

“SGA is financially stable,” Pederson said. “However, if budgets continue to get tighter and tighter, SGA is going to experience the same problems other organizations are currently dealing with. Our hope is that this resolution passes and the Student Fee Allocation Board is able to allocate more money.”