Wellness Center’s push to eat healthier helps students and community


Northern Kentucky University’s Wellness Center is doing a campus-wide challenge asking students, faculty and staff to “eat more, weigh less and give back.” Rachel Bishop, student wellness manager, said anyone can participate in the Great Plate Challenge.

The challenge asks participants to eat more fruits and vegetables in order to naturally weigh less. The challenge goes beyond self benefits. The larger idea of the challenge is to “give back.” Through this challenge participants can contribute to the greater goal, which is to have fresh produce donations given to the Brighton Center in Cincinnati.

“Unlike other campaigns we’re not doing a weigh-in to track how much weight you’ve lost,” Bishop said. “The giving back component is when the campus meets certain goals, Green B.E.A.N. Delivery will donate fresh produce to the Brighton Center.”

“Most food pantries get non-perishable items, so there’s now a partnership existent where they [The Brighton Center] will get a stream of produce at certain times so that it’s always fresh,” Bishop said.

Bishop added that the challenge is about a lifestyle change, unlike fad diets. Participants can better themselves while making a positive impact on others lives as well.
Brett Mueller, a senior media informatics major, said being busy affects his dietary decisions. “Sometimes fast food is the more convenient option,” he said.
Bishop said being busy is a concern for a lot of students, or they just don’t know where to find healthy options on campus. To help navigate where healthy options are offered, NKU dining will have cues that point out which foods will count towards the challenge.

Bishop encourages all faculty, staff and students to participate whether they want to lose weight or not. The challenge also encourages student organizations to get involved and utilize it within their chapters.

“The Student Wellness Advisory Committee has decided to give an award dedicated to this challenge at the Student Organization Celebration Awards and part of that award is encouraging members of your organization to do healthy acts,” Bishop said.
There will be one registration table in the Student Union plaza Sept. 10-12 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. During the registration event participants will receive fresh produce, a plate and the instructions.

Visit www.wellness.nku.edu for more information on the Great Plate Challenge. Register online for the challenge Sept. 10-12. Participants will start tracking points on Sept. 14 and stop on Oct. 11.