SGA addresses resolutions in final weeks

With a multitude of resolutions on the way, Northern Kentucky University SGA continues to work on the current requests on the table — almost all of which are passed unanimously by the student senate.

At the senate’s April 2 meeting, three resolutions were passed without any oppositions or abstentions.

One asks the Kentucky General Assembly to support and fund a new Health Innovation Center and renovations to the current Founders Hall. Another requests the university’s printing services be moved under the management of Business operations and Auxiliary Services. And finally, the final resolution wants better enforcement of NKU’s current smoking policy.
The Health Innovation Center resolution, presented by Sen. Joseph Fons, asks the state to fund the project because of its importance and the impact it would have for incoming students.
The resolution states, The Council on Postsecondary Education ranked the combined HIC/Old Science Building [Founders Hall] as its primary “Education and General” capital needs project and this renovation has been a top capital priority project since 1998.” It also would provide more space for students and open up more opportunity for the growing health care professions, according to Fons.
Sen. Josh Tunning presented the second reading of a resolution concerning the location and management of NKU’s printing services. The resolution asks the university to move the services under the management of Business Operations and Auxiliary Services to save money and confusion.

Currently, each department is responsible for its own printers, printing supplies and repairs. With this resolution, printing services would be under one department and business partner, Prosource.
In response to the resolution passing, Associate to the Dean of Students Steve Meier congratulated Tunning on his research and effort put into the resolution.
The student senate is also asking the university to more actively enforce the current smoking policy. Before voting, Sen. Holdan Markland reminded the senate that the resolution is not requesting a new policy or a smoke-free campus, but supporting the current policy, with changes.
The resolution passed unanimously.

In the upcoming final weeks, Finance Committee Chair Kyle Haverbusch said about three more resolutions are on the way. The ideas include more sidewalk construction, improving handicap accessibility to the Honors House and implementing a branding campaign for the university.