All-Card access to Fine Arts approved

Northern Kentucky University SGA is moving into the final stretch of the semester by introducing multiple resolutions every week. At the March 26 weekly meeting, the senate passed a resolution asking for All-Card access to the Fine Arts building and introduced two more resolutions.

Sen. April Landry read the final draft of SGA’s resolution requesting the university install an All-Card swipe system in the Fine Arts building, which was passed unanimously. By adding All-Card access to the building, fine arts students who “frequently need after-hours access” to the building would have that opportunity.

According to Student Right committee chair Mikey Adkins, the resolution does not have to stop at the Fine Arts building alone, and other buildings can be equipped with All-Card access in the future. “This is a step forward,” he said.

The price of adding All-Card access to the building was not known at the time of voting, but Landry said the price was feasible and would fit in Northern Kentucky University’s budget.
Sen. Josh Tunning introduced another resolution, which requests the university move print management services into business operations and auxiliary services. According to the resolution, this switch would allow business operations and auxiliary services to account for all printers and allocate expenses by department and user.

By moving print management services into the university and out of Prosource, the current fleet copier business partner, the university would save $244,762, according to numbers calculated by Andy Meeks, director of business operations and auxiliary services.

Currently, each department at the university is held accountable for buying and keeping up with their own printers, paper and supplies.
If implemented by the university, “Prosource will replace Northern Kentucky University’s current printer fleet with 400 new Lexmark Laser Printers, provide all consumable supplies, onsite service with parts and labor, Equitrac print accounting/cost recovery system, guaranteed replacement for any device that cannot be repaired during contract period once the transition is made.”
In addition to these resolutions, Sen. Joseph Fons presented a resolution recommending the Kentucky General Assembly fund the university’s Health Innovations Center project. The new Health Innovations Center will house the departments of nursing, psychology, radiologic technology, health and nursing informatics, respiratory therapy and health science.
The project will also include a renovation of Founders Hall.

SGA will vote on both the print management services and Health Innovations Center at the upcoming meeting April 4.