Who will you choose as your next SGA president

The Student Government Association elections are quickly approaching, and it’s time to introduce students to the candidates running for president. There are three students running for president, two of which will run with a vice president as a slate.
To learn more about each candidate, The Northerner and SGA are co-hosting a Presidential Debate at 6 p.m. in Student Union room 104 on March 26.
At the debate, students will have the opportunity to not only listen to what each candidate is hoping to do for Northern Kentucky University if elected. Students will also be able to ask their own questions and address concerns to encourage the candidates to debate and make their case for why the student body should elect them.
SGA elections are March 28 and 29. For more information about elections, visit SGA.nku.edu.

Erik Pederson
Platform: Consists mainly of what students have recommended in recent
forums and conversations.
If you are elected, what will you try to accomplish?: Increase vegan and vegetarian food options, make upper-division housing a reality, look into the option of receiving A+s, improve wireless and bandwidth campus-wide and make SGA a bigger advocate and student voice in Frankfort.
Year and major: Sophomore communication major
Positions in SGA: Senator, vice president
Involvement: Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Orientation Leader
Final comments: No matter who wins, SGA will be in great hands.
Vice president: Allen Hornung
“He is brilliant in every sense of the word … Can’t see myself doing it without him,” Pederson said.

Chuck Rust
Platform: Three-prong focus on the campus as a whole, the community surrounding the campus and the students.
If you are elected, what will you try to accomplish?: 24-hour library, improvement on dorm housing and Callahan shuttle hours.”
Year and major: Junior communication/history major
Positions in SGA: Senator, Legislative liaison
Involvement: Vice President of Standards of the Interfraternity Council, Lambda Phi Eta, Order of Omega
Final comments: “It would be a smooth transition with the new president,
Vice President: Chanell Karr
“I was looking for somebody that was opposite of me. She’s not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong,” Rust said.

John Young
Platform: “I’m doing this as a performance thing.”
If you are elected, what will you try to accomplish?: Bring recess to the college level and protect the school from zombies.
Year and major: Sophomore sculpture major
Positions in SGA: No previous experience in NKU’s SGA.
Involvement: Student
Final comments: If he wins he said, “I will be like the dog that finally catches the car it’s been chasing down the country lane.”