New resolution asks for late access to Fine Arts

The Student Government Association is working towards the potential for All Card access after-hours in the Fine Arts Building, but some senators question why the resolution doesn’t include all buildings on campus.

The resolution, presented by Sen. April Landry Feb. 27, requests Northern Kentucky University add an All Card swipe system to the third-floor main entrance to the Fine Arts Building. Currently, construction management students are allowed access to the Haile/US Bank College of Business after-hours, according to the resolution.

According to John Sartwell, senior construction management major, there is not All Card access after midnight that allows students into the Haile/US Bank College of Business building. He said there is lab access through an All Card swipe system, but once the main doors are locked, students cannot get in.

The resolution states this creates a “disparity between those students [construction management] and Fine Arts students.”

Sen. Aubrey Abbott raised the question of why the resolution was only for the fine arts students, while other buildings on campus don’t offer after-hours access to other departments, so there is a disparity among all students and the construction management majors. Landry said the science building may also have some sort of access, but was unsure at the time of the reading.
In Griffin Hall, students are only allowed access to the building after-hours when granted permission by Bob McCoy, media equipment manager, for one night, according to Abbott.
Before discussion could continue, Robinson ended the allotted five-minute discussion period on the resolution.

In addition to the question of building accessibility for all departments, many senators suggested that Landry add support from all fine arts chairs. Currently, the resolution includes Visual Arts Department Chair Thomas McGovern.

He said that “[an All Card swipe system] will enable the students from all three departments to safely enter and remain in the building as well as prevent an increasing number of outsiders from engaging in theft or presenting a threat to NKU students.”

In addition to the fine arts building access resolution, the resolution for temporary parking first presented at SGA’s Feb. 20 meeting was tabled by Sen. Daniel Cieslack. He said he wanted more time to research the previous amendments made by the senate.

The senate also unanimously voted Sen. Kyle Haverbusch into the Finance Committee Chair position, replacing Sen. Holdan Markland.
Markland publicly resigned Feb. 20, stating conflicts with class time and management. He still serves on the senate.