Students challenged to find solutions in 36 hours


Northern Kentucky University students have the opportunity to help local businesses and organizations in a high-intensity 36-hour Griffin Hall event the weekend of Feb. 18.
In the first-ever MashComm36, sponsored by the department of communication and the College of Informatics, students majoring in public relations, media informatics and other areas of communication will attempt to solve real business communication problems in 36 hours.
The title “MashComm36” represents the mash-up of technology and communication and will incorporate students with skills in writing, animation, web design and more.
“We invited eight companies to present whatever business issues they are facing right now to the students,” said Greg De Blasio, a PR professor. “Students will get the chance to present solutions to whatever it was they were facing.”
Companies and organizations such as PCKen Computer and Network Services, Richards Electric Supply and Circus Mojo will be participating in the event.
On Feb. 18, students will be divided into teams of five or six. Each team will take on a real participating organization’s problem. Their objective in those 36 hours is to come up with a solution and present it at the 8 p.m. deadline on Feb. 19.
“Students will be able to add this to their portfolio, get experience and network and establish connections with organizations,” said Zach Hart, a PR professor. “They will have real interaction, just as they would in the PR industry.”

“I think it will help me with my everyday career,” said Emma Woeste, a graduate student with a degree in public relations. “I think it would be good experience to have a real life issue and have 36 hours to resolve this issue, just like you would in an everyday situation.”
MashComm36 will not be limited to just NKU students.

Students from Louisville, Lexington, Dayton and Indianapolis were also invited to the event, De Blasio said.
MashComm36 will take place entirely in Griffin Hall, which will remain open during the entire event. Students may come and go as they please and are allowed to bring sleeping bags and spend the night in the lobby and the Digitorium.

Paul Miller of Circus Mojo will be the master of ceremonies. The event will also feature live band performances on Saturday in the Digitorium and acoustic performances in the lobby on Sunday.
Students who want to participate need to register by Feb. 15. A registration form is available for both teams and individual students on the MashComm36 website.