Votruba lauded amidst budget cut talks

The Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents is working toward making some changes in the university’s future, including a possible budget cut and efforts to honor the president in his final semester.

The board announced Jan. 10 that in the upcoming fiscal year, the university will see budget cuts of up to 7 percent. Also, the board unanimously passed three resolutions in honor of NKU President James Votruba, who is retiring at the end of the current academic year.

According to Votruba, the university has experienced “serious budget problems.” He said the board has spent money “frugally” but still needs to prepare for reductions next year.
“There will be pain, pain for our students,” Votruba said regarding the possible cuts. The board will have to make sacrifices in NKU’s regional capacity, where there will also be discomfort. “Pain in terms of NKU’s capacity to support regional progress,” he said.

To honor Votruba, the board announced the passing of three different resolutions.
The board voted to rename the Student Union to honor Votruba and his wife, Rachel. A specific name has not been decided yet. This same resolution passed unanimously in Student Government Association, which was the origin of the renaming idea, and in the subcommittee.

In addition to a new name for the Student Union, Votruba will receive an honorary doctorate degree from NKU. A scholarship fund has also been created in honor of Votruba and his wife.
So far, the fund has received $200,000 worth of commitments, or money that people have pledged to donate when the scholarship is active, from private donors. The details of the scholarship fund have yet to be decided, but where and who the funds will go to is decided by University Advancement.

This privately endowed scholarship fund gives donors the opportunity to directly honor and thank the Votrubas, according to Brenda Wilson, the Board of Regents vice chair.