NKU V.E.T.S. honors those who were lost

Silence filled the crisp November air as two uniformed Marines and an NKU V.E.T.S. representative walked in formation to the flagpole in front of Steely Library. After unfolding the perfectly creased American flag, the two marines carefully raised it to full mast. Patrons looked on as the sun illuminated the red, white and blue. This was just the beginning of the flag raising and wreath laying ceremony hosted by Northern Kentucky University to honor fallen service members on Veteran’s Day.

“We wish to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country so that we can enjoy the rights and privileges we have and will continue to enjoy,” former president of NKU V.E.T.S. Bill Schwartz said. “We want the families of our fallen to know that we appreciate their sacrifice and we miss all of our fallen brothers.”

The flag raising was followed by a performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” by the campus gospel choir, Anointed Voices.
“I have family who have served this country, so it’s important for me to honor them,” said Anointed Voices performer Brittany Neal.
The second part of the ceremony consisted of two female soldiers in uniform carrying a wreath of red, white and blue flowers to the base of the flagpole as veteran Larry DuPree played “Taps.” A yellow ribbon with the words “Not Forgotten” was draped across the center of the wreath.
“It’s important to give honor where honor is due,” said freshman communication and broadcasting major Michelle Taylor.

One of the many veterans in attendance was junior computer information technology major Audrey Thurston. Thurston served in the US Army Reserves from 1997 to 2000.

“It’s important for me to be here today to support my fellow soldiers,” Thurston said. “I still feel connected to them even though I’m not currently serving.”