NKU students help lead Cincinnati Marriage Equality Protest

NKU students helped coordinate the Marriage Equality Protest in Cincinnati on Nov 5.

Adam Hoover, a 17-year-old Harrison High School student, originally posted the event via Facebook.

“Everyone has their God-given right to marry the one they love,” said Hoover.

Hoover decided to create the event after attending a gay pride parade. He wanted to create an atmosphere that was accepting to all.

The protest drew around 380 attendees throughout the event. Participants represented a wide spectrum of ages, races, career paths and religions.

Michael Loch, President of NKY Equality Now, urged the crowd to take part. “Nothing is going to happen unless you demand action,” said Loch.

In addition to Loch, Cincinnati City Council candidate Chris Seelbach, Bianca Mitchell of NKY Equality Now and Adam Hoover all spoke at the protest. The crowd was energized by the message of the speakers, yelling words of support and joining hands at Loch’s encouragement.

Pick up the Nov. 9 issue of The Northerner for the full story.

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