Wireless printing coming to campus?

The option to print anywhere on campus and adding more bike racks may soon be on its way to Northern Kentucky University.
SGA passed two resolutions in its Oct. 31 meeting – one for the exploration of wireless printing options and for the university to consider adding more bike racks to high bike traffic locations on campus.

According to the resolution for wireless printing, it is necessary for the university because an estimated 80 percent of students have laptops and/or smart phones that allow wireless connection.

The resolution, if passed, would provide them access to a wireless printing network.
Many senators said NKU is also planning to reallocate computer lab space for other purposes.
Secretary for Administrative Affairs Allen Hornung said that because Griffin Hall only has two computer labs, the university is working towards a more wireless campus.

Senator Josh Tunning, who presented the resolution that passed unanimously, said the option will be available in the spring 2012 semester with approval from higher administration.

After approval from higher administration, funding and equipment to make wireless printing possible must be allocated.
The bike rack resolution, which passed with no oppositions and one abstention, will, in effect, add more racks at the prime locations on campus.
The location mentioned in the resolution is outside W. Frank Steely Library on the plaza level.

President Dustin Robinson said a student organization had recently complained about bikes locked to flag poles outside of Steely because it was “disrespectful.”
In addition to the newly passed resolutions, Robinson announced the resignation of General Bowen, leaving the senate with two open seats.
SGA is accepting applications for appointment until 2 p.m. Nov. 14 in the SGA office, Student Union Room 330.