Search firm looks for inside opinion

With the search for a new president underway, faculty members were given the chance to address the qualities and characteristics they want to see in Northern Kentucky University President James Votruba’s successor.

The forum was held at the on campus at the Otto Budig Theatre on Oct. 28. Senior associate of Isaacson, Miller Ponneh Varho led the discussion. Isaacson, Miller is the executive search firm hired by the university to assist in the presidential search.

Faculty members noted their approval of the leadership of President Votruba and the growth of the university under his leadership; they want to build on the foundation in place.

“We don’t want a clone,” said NKU history professor Bob Wilcox. “We just want someone to follow the same line with their own personality.”
Faculty noted that communication is key for a new university president. Communication professor Dave Thomson noted that the faculty “did not suffer too many surprises” during Votruba’s presidency.

History professor Bill Landon said a “consultative approach with the faculty” is an important trait the next president needs to have.
The importance of communication with students was also mentioned by Steve Meier, associate to the Dean of Students.

“[The president should be] in tune with the students and someone willing to work with our Student Government Association,” Meier said.
A president who will keep the current classroom setting is a concern for the faculty. Wilcox said the president should “defend education in the classroom society.”

Francois LeRoy, executive director of the International Education Center, said “up close and personal” is built within the culture of NKU.

LeRoy, along with others, said the new president should “keep momentum going and continue international education.”

Members of the presidential search committee were also present to hear what the faculty had to say, including Faculty Senate President Al Lipping.

“It’s informative listening to faculty,” Lipping said. “It is useful in creating a job description. I’m here to listen.”

Faculty members who did not attend the forum can ask questions and voice their opinions at