New resolutions to benefit students

With the resignation of another senator, the Student Government Association is moving forward with two new resolutions that will work to better students’ college experience.

According to SGA president Dustin Robinson, Ron Burse announced his resignation last week, and Robinson approved the motion. Secretary for Public Relations Michelle Forlenza is in the process of preparing to accept applications from the student body for senator appointment.

At the Oct. 26 meeting, the first reading of a wireless printing resolution and a resolution for more bike racks on campus were also presented.

Senator Josh Tunning read the wireless printing resolution that asks the university to explore funding options to provide wireless printing capabilities on campus. Tunning is requesting the exploration of funding options because wireless printing “will create a more convenient, accessible and flexible work environment for students and staff, while freeing up university resources,” according to the resolution.

Also in attendance at the meeting was Doug Wells, associate director of information technology, who said the university will eventually be capable of implementing wireless printing with a new system that will allow students to access lab computers from any location on or off campus.

Senator Chanell Karr presented the first reading of a resolution regarding the addition of more bike racks on campus. The resolution asks that the university install bike racks at Steely Library and “other prime locations” on campus.

A main reason for adding more bike racks, according to the resolution, is because “students have raised concerns about the disrespectful nature of fastening one’s bike to the flag poles located in front of Steely Library, and with the addition of new bike racks in this location, these concerns would be eliminated.”

In addition to new resolutions, Steve Meier, associate to the dean of students, announced that the new campus recreation center project is underway. The committee behind the new building has sent out requests for proposals for potential architects. Meier said the committee hopes to have an architect selected by the end of November.