The Search is on for a new All-Card Design

The Northern Kentucky University All-Card is preparing for a makeover, and any student has the opportunity to be the designer and the winner of $250.

The All-Card allows students to gain access to many services at NKU, such as building access, including the Campus Recreation Center and residence halls, optional use as a U.S. Bank ATM/debit card, TANK and Southbank Shuttle bus pass and computer lab printing.
All-Cards can also be loaded with money and used to make purchases on campus, much like using a check card.

A new All-Card design is part of the SGA’s goal to bring more “Norse identity” to campus. According to Administrative Affairs Secretary Allen Hornung, “Norse identity” is a program to get more students involved and turn NKU into a more “traditional” college campus.
“This is the first step in what I hope to be a year full of similar small, yet impactful changes,” Hornung said.
In conjunction with US Bank and the All-Card office, SGA is opening the floor for a new design to all students.
The chosen designer will win $250, second place will win $150 and third place will receive $50.

Any student who submits a design, regardless if it is chosen or not, will get a free All-Card with the new design.
Other currently enrolled students will get the new issue if theirs needs to be replaced after being lost or stolen, but will still be required to pay $10.

The new design will be decided before winter break 2011 and will be issued to the fall 2012 freshmen and new students.
To be considered for the new All-Card design, students are required to keep the name, status, ISO number, issue date and photo in the same place as on the current card.

Submissions are due by 5 p.m. Oct. 28 to the SGA office (Student Union 330) or by email to Entries can be submitted in any format.