Search Committee Moving Forward

The search committee assembled to help find Northern Kentucky University’s next president is moving forward in its process to select a firm to help solicit candidates for the job. Martin Butler, chair of the presidential search and screening committee, said the group is still on track to meet the March deadline to name a new president.

After a search firm is found, the committee will move forward in the plan and host open forum sessions for faculty, staff, students and the community to weigh in on what they want in the next president.

The forums will take place from Oct. 20-Nov. 11, according the tentative timeline posted on the committee’s website. The timeline says there will be two forums for faculty, two for staff, one for students and four for the surrounding community.
Board of Regents Chair Terry Mann said the search firm has not been selected, but the committee will be giving an extensive report on their progress at the Board of Regents meeting on Nov. 9.

According to the tentative timeline posted on the presidential search web site, the firm is scheduled to be chosen by Oct. 12.
The vacancy announcement is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 19. Beginning with the vacancy announcement, all subsequent steps will be made with the help of the selected search firm. The vacancy announcement is the official announcement that Votruba’s position is open for candidates.

According to Butler, more developments will be made by Monday, and clarification on the committee’s position in the search will be made after that time.