Non-greek fraternity seeks you

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity members fear potential extinction at the Northern Kentucky University chapter.

Out of its 51 members, 17 active brothers and sisters remain a part of Phi Sigma Pi.

The executive board of the co-ed fraternity hopes to gain 15 new members this semester, as many board members will soon be graduating. In order to become a member of the board, the student must have completed two semesters, an initiate semester and one active semester, as well as currently be a Phi Sigma Pi brother or sister.

In order to become a member of Phi Sigma Pi, a student must maintain a 3.0 GPA and must have completed at least 12 credit hour. First-semester freshmen may attend rush events.

The sorority women of the Panhellenic Council (sometimes referred to as Panhel) have worked to refer their potential members to Phi Sigma Pi during rush week this semester by passing out informative fliers.

Phi Sigma Pi President Kim Staudt feels that first-semester freshmen may be hesitant to join the chapter because of rule may play a large part in PSP numbers remaining much lower than those of many of the social or Greek sororities and fraternities on campus.

Assistant Director of Student Life Kim Vance, said that a more-tailored candidate pool, along with the competition of the activities the Greater Cincinnati area offers, may play a large part in fewer recruits.

The Panhel also recruits as a group. “There’s power in numbers for sure,” Vance said. “Panhel recruitment does tend to suck up all the oxygen on campus while it’s happening.”

At NKU, students can maintain a dual-membership in both PSP and a Greek organization, as they are not exclusive.

The women of Panhel are encouraged and expected to join at least one other group.

PSP has many similarities to its Greek counterparts. It entails weekly meetings, formals, and social gatherings such as a Halloween and Christmas party and the payment of dues each semester, that are considerably lower than the dues of Greek sororities and fraternities.

PSP also holds many community service events such as their recent alcohol awareness event. The fraternity hosts events with alumni, and won Best in Region at the 2011 nationals for its events held, chapter moral and timeliness in meeting requirements.

The PSP brothers abide by their strict no-hazing policy and try to help initiates feel as if they are already part of the chapter.

“The brotherhood you gain from the experience is very close, and your brothers become your family away from home. Joining is the best thing I’ve done on campus,” Staudt said.

The benefits of involvement in PSP include a way to become involved on campus outside of one’s major or minor and the opportunity to hold an executive board position within the fraternity.

“The beauty of NKU is this is not a campus where you have to be Greek to be involved,” Vance said.

Those interested in finding out more or joining Phi Sigma Pi, regardless of their Greek affiliation or lack thereof, should contact Lakeia Chatman, a PSP initiate advisor, at or Kim Staudt at