New senators ready to listen

After starting the fall semester with five open senate seats, the Student Government Association appointed new members at its Sept. 26 meeting. SGA saw more diversity in the make-up of the senate.

President Dustin Robinson chose three freshmen, one graduate, and one non-traditonal student as the candidates for open senate positions.

Freshman photography major Megan Murray, freshman organizational leadership major Christopher Sudbrink, interdisciplinary studies major and first-year graduate student Jeanne Spaulding, freshman sports business major Matt Tinsley, and senior electronic and media broadcasting major Aubrey Abbott make up the newest members.

Prior to a unanimous vote to confirm the appointments, the senators were given a chance to introduce themselves to rest of SGA and to answer questions what they plan to accomplish as a senator. All five said they have the student interest in mind and want to be a liaison between different student groups and SGA.

Spaulding, a graduate student, wants to put a larger focus on the graduate and law students to make sure to encompass all of Northern Kentucky University.

Spaulding previously worked with SGA to increase suicide prevention campuswide, which she wants to continue so every incoming freshman is exposed to suicide and will know how to cope with the struggles of their first year at NKU.

Sudbrink, who returns to school this semester after a six-year break to work a full-time job, wants to focus on the number of students fighting for education reform for the university. According to Sudbrink, NKU currently has one student lobbyist, while University of Kentucky has 13.

In addition to the new senator appointments, NKU Director of Business Operations Andy Meeks attended the meeting to address any questions or concerns SGA had about residential dining. NKU is set to renegotiate rates with Chartwells in October, so Meeks looked to SGA to discuss necessary changes for this year.

SGA focused mainly on the pricing and arrangement of meal plans for both commuters and on-campus residents. The monetary allowance for a meal swipe in the Student Union is oftentimes not enough to cover a whole meal. When questioned on this topic, Meeks said he cannot promise that it will change because the prices are only able to be changed every other year, while Student Union restaurant prices may climb from year to year.

Meeks also decided to take a look at the dining hall schedules, as many of the hours are inconvenient to students living on campus and ones who stay in the dorms on weekends, as opposed to residents who go home.