Apps assist students, community

There are nearly as many smart phones on campus as there are students; and in order to keep up with evolving technology, many Northern Kentucky University students are creating apps for intelligent devices.

Students, in collaboration with the Center for Applied Informatics (CAI), have worked with companies from Ohio to California to create Fire Department 2.0. Created by the CAI and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District near San Francisco, the app has won numerous awards and aided in saving lives.

This app allows people to listen to live emergency radio traffic, volunteer to assist with CPR and view incidents.
Fire Department 2.0 has been featured in many publications such as websites TechCrunch and Engadget and has been mentioned on NBC, CBS and ABC.

An app that may be more practical for the average NKU student is MyTank. The Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) and the CAI developed a mobile app that benefits those in Northern Kentucky who ride TANK buses. It informs riders of nearby bus stops and it is useful for planning trips. The app also gives riders an estimated time of when the next bus is scheduled to arrive.

In order to appeal to the generation of the communication age, NKU’s Department of Information Technology (IT) has created several useful apps as well, all of which are free.

All of the IT apps were created to increase the ease of access to services and information for students and prospective students of NKU. All of these apps are available for use on Apple iOS devices and one is available for Android devices.
iNKU was created for current students, but some features are also popular with NKU faculty and staff.

iNKU offers students myNKU integration, which allows them to see their class schedules, grades, GPA, academic holds, information about their advisers and their registration windows for priority registration. This app also includes easy access to student media and WNKU as well as the Find-It! campus directory for searching student, faculty and staff contact information.

Another app for existing NKU students, NKU Flashcard, lets professors create flashcards that students can use to study. Users can “hide” the cards that they feel they have mastered. NKU Flashcard is the only IT-created app that has Android compatibility.

n@NKU is intended for prospective students and newly admitted students. It includes an event calendar that features opportunities to visit the campus and learn more about the university. The app also has update-able enrollment checklist, where students can use to check off what they have done and remember what they still need to do in order to prepare.

IT has also created an app for graduate students, ELOC (Executive Leadership and Organizational Change), and is currently working on one for prospective and current students of Salmon P. Chase College of Law.