Senate presents goals, D-I support

After welcoming the new members of the senate, the Student Government Association made official its plans to support the decision to move to NCAA Division I status. Northern Kentucky University President James Votruba and his executive team also attended the Sept. 12 meeting to hear and present the goals for the upcoming year.

After highlighting some of their major goals for the year to the president and his executive team, SGA listened intently as Votruba announced the team’s goals, those of which included improving the university’s academic advising model, the move to D-I and the search for a new president. Votruba opened the floor to any questions SGA may have had about the plans, and he also questioned and clarified some of the SGA goals.

Regarding the D-I transition, Senator Joseph Fons presented the first reading of a resolution that fully endorses the move. The resolution states that SGA will support the move because it will “bring increased brand awareness to NKU on the local, regional and national levels, and will align NKU with peer institutions that fit the academic and athletic profiles of the University.”

With only minor and friendly amendments, the resolution will move to the next SGA meeting for a second reading.

SGA President Dustin Robinson also announced that the application packets to fill the remaining four open senate seats will now be due on Friday, Sept. 16. Robinson said there was some confusion with the freshmen elections happening at the same time; but anyone, including freshmen, can run for the open seats.

On SGA’s 2011-2012 agenda

• Academic “Dead Week” — No projects or large assignments due during finals week
• Better understanding of fees and caps — Explore the potential for making a percentage increase cap on student fees (parking, housing, etc.)
• Explore potential Redbox for university residents
• Wireless printing
• Possible universal ATM without fees
• Campus Safety Walk — Provide a more in-depth walk and different safety solutions
• Better commuter meal plan options
• Investigate value meal options in the Student Union
• Construct Student Expression zones on campus